17 November 2013


I love poetry, for its simplicity and complexness at the same time. Wanted to share another poem written by good friend Sharad Patel. I totally delight in his writings, and always want to share it. If you have any poems or writings that you wish to share, please inbox me.  And as always rate, comment, share , like and enjoy!


I want that life, i want that feeling
nothing will please me other than that perfect meeting...

The life I have always dreamed of seems so bear yet so far,
Hand in hand with long drive in a car.
I don't want a house all i need is a home with you,
I don't want company, all i need is a family with you!

It a tiny dream ever human dreams of, a tiny portion of love every
human seeks of..
Im being hopeless romantic and waiting for you,
Please charming one come uninvited out of the blue...

I want that life, I want that feeling
Nothing will please me other than that perfect meeting

I seek my shelter and solace in you...
It's you, its you, it's all for you
All i need 'is YOU!

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