25 June 2016

Black & White

 Black and white, a term mostly used in America to define separation of race. Although we are seeing more of the gray area these days! But that is for a different day... Le sigh... As I continue my hussle to and from work, sitting on Metro or Subway for those of you not in the DC Metro Area. I have plenty of time to search, think, and ponder; there maybe some reading and people watching also included! If only that was an Olympic Sport, would so have a gold medal! Anyway, I wanted to share some of my latest find...cause we all know sharing is caring! I love black and white photos, think it captures a different type of beauty that color doesn't always show. It shows emotions that you didn't know we're there. And everyone looks good in black and white. (Try it for your next selfie.) So I bring to you some photos I found on Tumblr, hopefully it will brighten your day! And maybe get you to post some black and white selfies in the comments below! As always please share, rate, like, and most importantly enjoy! I love hearing from you all comment below or send me an email! 












05 January 2016

a poem

Just wanted to share with you all a little poem that has been in my phone for ages. Been meaning to share it with you, as well as the photos. tell me what you think of it, let me know if you would like to see more like this. And as always rate, comment, like, share, and most of all enjoy and reflect!

"Tell me now
are you embarrassed to be in
your own skin
too scared to just be you
do you cover the scars that you
let define you
or do you determine your self-worth
with the number on the scale
do you ever feel so lonely
like no one will ever understand
the feelings that haunt you daily
that make living a nightmare

one thing i should tell you
is that things can always change
bad things can get better
and soon you'll be okay."


15 December 2015

Tumblr Tuesday

There are times that I find really fascinating things on various blogs that I say, I have to share on my Blog. Something that makes me say, i wish everyone can see this, because sharing shows that you care! this is just a series of pictures, that i thought everyone can relate to, shows love in a way that is relatable. we all love those romantic comedies that make us fantasies about love, and also raises our exception of love. Of course we want someone who loves us to play our favorite song in front of the house with a boombox. In reality our neighbors would try to kill him, for the music blaring at a high decibel. Anyway, tell me what you think of the pics and of you every want to share something either email me, tweet me, Facebook message, or send me an email or tumblr. As always I thank you for reading, and as always share, rate, like, comment, and enjoy!!

22 October 2015

You Can't Curry Love

Its been a little bit over three years since I have shared this wonderful love story with you all. About a guy who travels to India from London for work and happens to find and fall in love, with a nice handsome guy. As we celebrate National LGBT month in the states, This wonderful movie always needs to be shared. Not only does it show that you don't have to be white with blue eyes to find love, but it also shows the diversity in our community. A lot of times it can seem that we forget that we are a diverse community, full of love and passion. If we only just take a step or "leap of faith" as they always say! I wanted to just share with you all the movie again, as well the original post three years ago. Hope you take some time to watch it  and bring some friends with you, never know what conversations can arise with you watch movies with friends! To check out the original post click here! scroll down to see the movie!! Hope you enjoy, and as always I thank you for reading.  Please rate, like, share, comment, and enjoy!! 

Trophy Boy Update

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you everyone's favorite cover boy, and Andrew Christian model Pablo Hernandez. Oh and i can't forget about those amazing abs, they are just as perfect in person as they are in all his photo. Recently Pablo released his video for his single "Bitch, I'm a Bottom!" which is a Madonna parody  It has some  catchy tunes and playful lyrics, no doubt this will be a hit at your nearest club. Scroll below and check out the video, and tell me what you think. And as always Thank you for reading. Please rate, comment, like, share, and enjoy!


23 September 2015

Cucumber, Banana, and Tofu

I am starting a new show, that have seen a few previews for this show, and now i am dying to see it. The show is a British show called Cucumber, created by Russell T Davis about middle-aged Henry Best following a disastrous date with his boyfriend of nine years, Lance Sullivan. Henry's old life shatters, and embarks on a new life with unfamiliar rules. The shows name came about from a study into male erections which divided the erection into a hardness scale consisting of tofu, peeled banana, banana and cucumber. (check out the video below or here) Upon reading the study, Davies remarked that "right there and then, I knew i had my drama". Along with Cucumber there is the show Banana about gay youths in Manchester,
and Tofu is a web series that explores issues that arise in Cucumber and Banana through interviews with the actors and the public. Some topic like one night stands, Grindr, and sexual Taboos. all the shows are based on the hardness scale. 
What really has me drawn to the show is British born of Bangladeshi decent
actor Jan Uddin best know for his role in EastEnders, Black Gold and Boogie Woogie. Udder is very handsome and has the most mesmerizing eyes, very hard to take your eyes of him. Tell me what you think of Jan Uddin and if you have seen Cucumber, Banana, and/or Tofu! And as always rate, comment, like, share, and most of all enjoy!!


22 September 2015

Trophy Boy!

If your like me you know a good pair of undies when you see one. The perfect fit, the right amount of stretch, and for me the nice perfect fit around the lower reign. One of those things that is an instant mood pleaser, a good and sometimes new pair of undies. One of my current favorites besides the classic Calvin Klein's hip briefs, are Andrew Christian undies. Not only does he make nice undies that fit the every man, he also knows very well how to market his sometimes skimpy products, and fitness wear. Why do women get to wear all the cool and bright fitness wear.  Christian's marketing targeting the gay man, used models, and some adult film models, to mode his appeal and make catchy videos. 
One of my favorites and happen to be a friend, (okay so we met once) is Pablo Hernandez  a trained actor and model with Spanish and Lebanese decent. Reason for his spicy looks and amazingphysic. Those abs are a work of art. He has been in a couple of films and Television shows like Star'z Magic City, and Step Up: Revolution. Hernandez was the first Andrew Christian model to create, produce, and star in on of their verypopular films 'A Brief Love Affair' (watch it here or below). Just recently he published his first song 'Bitch I'm A Bottom' which you can buy on iTunes or watch him preform it live! With all these exciting new projects he is apart of can't wait to see what is next! Tell me what you think of Pablo Hernandez, and who is your favorite Andrew Christian model or Trophy Boy! And like always, rate, comment, like, share, and most of all enjoy. Stay tuned to new content coming, and keep in touch by email! And be a Trophy Boy or Girl for yourself!!


P.S. Check out the videos below! 

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