17 November 2013


Some of you may already now this, the ones who have talked to me or seen other posts I have done on him, but i have quite a few favorite artists. That i always like to share with you, so hopefully you can like them as well. One of my fav is British singer is Arjun, and not because he is dreadfully handsome, but also boy can sing. And whats better than a handsome guy who can actually carry a tune. I have liked him for a couple of years now, and he is not super well know, but working his way up. I have listening Whatsapp parties when he releases some new music, so much fun. Look below for some photos and videos as well as places where you can find Arjun's music. Comment bellow who are some of your favorite artists, they may find there way on here! And as always comment, like, rate, share, and enjoy. Check out our Facebook page! xoxo 
P.S. if your on Whatsapp, and want to talk send me a message, or BBM (792F9C70) me always love to hear from you all!

To find out more about Arjun check out his websiteFacebookiTunes, and YouTube

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