06 August 2013

Sebastion Castro

While scrolling through my G+ page,  looking for ideas and things to blog about. For those times that I get a little writers block. Anyway, I found this video by Sebastian Castro,  and so fell in love with it.  A little back story of Sebastian Castro born Benjamin Brian Castro but known by his stage name Sebastian Castro.  Castro is an American actor,  singer,  visual artist, YouTube sensation and Online Personality.  Castro is an international celebrity particularly for the Southeast Asian community due to misconceptions that he is Filipino, but in fact he is Peruvian and Japanese. But recently many people know him for his iconic video bubble and his coming out videos,  bother below.  Castro has been in a couple of Indie films and is currently working in Philippine cinema. (exciting) Tell me what you think of Sebastian Castro, and "Bubble". And as always rate,comment, share, like and enjoy! Xoxo

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