15 August 2013

Protect Me from What I Want

I am always on the hunt for any gay oriented short film that showcases the gay South Asian community. Always feel in the media we are often overlooked. So it's refreshing to see a short film or any film for that matter about gay South Asians and others.  While countless hours searching for the short film Amen,  which I have yet to find. I stumbled on "Protect Me from What I Want"  Directed by Dominic Leclerc, starring Naveed Choudhry and Elliott Tittensor from shameless.
"Protect Me" follows the story Saleem (Naveed Choudhry) an Indian student from Leeds living with his parents. While at a cruising spot meets Daz (Elliott Tittensor),  and they both have a night of enjoyable sex. While Saleem feels ashamed of what he has done, however on the next day lends a smile to Daz upon leaving. 
Tell me what you think of "Protect Me from What I Want"  and if your first experience was anything like Saleem and Daz, mine was far from being as staged and as sensual. But nonetheless was nice.  As always rate, comment, share, like and enjoy! Xoxo

Check out the Short Film here! 

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