03 June 2013

Happy Pride!

June is finally here!! Ah we have made it through the bitter winter, and the spring that brought the end to an amazing semester! June is a happy month not only is it the beginning of summer but the start of an amazing pride season! My pride here In Washington DC is this coming weekend!! So exciting! I want to challenge all of you! I want you all even if you never been to a gay pride, go to one, experience one, and tell us about it. Share your experience and some pictures also! If it is your first time share what you thought! Every pride is different and has a different feel to them, but all are the safest place to be. Your surrounded by people who support you, moms and dads, brothers and sisters all showing their support in the ever so changing world!
Summer, also brings out the models and just those average guys out there to strut their stuff on the beach, or on a stroll around the park! So if you happen to see a guy and want to share him with us. Email us! We would love to see and share with everyone!

As always we thank you all for reading, checking out the blog and leaving comments! It always a joy to hear from you all! With love thank you so much!! And go out and enjoy pride, don't forget to bring us with you! T 
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