30 May 2013

Mohobath aaj thak zindah hai

Don't tell my mum, she'll say "why can't you be more live Navin, find a nice desi boy and settle down." Well gay marriage is becoming more and more popular, and more states and countries are accepting equal marriage! Brownie points to all our supports out there! While looking for a post for this week I remembered a couple of photos of this beautiful desi couple from Murray Hill, NY Navin Dargani and Navin Manglani. With New York being one of the newer states to accept marriage they quickly tied the knot. Being together for over six years, were one of 20 newlywed pairs to be featured in The New York Times! So happy for them! They were also featured on Rediff news by Aseem Chhabra! Tell me your opinion on marriage equality!! And if you are engaged or married, share your story! Would love to hear from you! As always rate, comment, like, share, and enjoy!! Love you all!!

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