29 April 2013

Omar Borkan Al Gala

(via Flickr)
Some of you may have heard his name or have been captivated by his eyes.  Omar Borkan Al Gala has been making quite a buzz recently,  this stunningly handsome self proclaimed actor, model, poet, and photographer has been buzzing for the past week.  mainly for his good looks.. truly has his "sexy back" Recently Borkan was one of the few that was deported form Saudi Arabia back to Dubai because he was deemed to hot, and distracting to those single Saudi Woman. No hard evidence has been found that he in fact is one of the three getting deported, but after may articles read... I believe he is one of the three.. Tell me what you think!! do you think he is too hot and a distraction.. and as always rate, comment, like, share and most of all enjoy! You can find more pics and information in Omar Borkan Al Gala here!

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