29 April 2013

Anyone have a Lungi?

Who doesn't love to see shirtless guys parade around town. No matter their size are share we always spot the shirtless guy in the crowd.  But what can be better than shirtless guys,  how about guys wearing a lungi.  In the west we call them  sarong. There traditional worn in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka,  and others places where the heat and humidity is so intense,  that wearing pants is unbearable.  And like they say when in room do like the Romans do,  grab your lungi or sheet if you don't have one,  and parade around..  Enjoy the feeling..  You will never want to wear pants again, trust me..  Follow the instructions listed below! As always like,  rate,  comment and share, most of all enjoy! Also share any experiences you have with lungi,  a special Shout out to me friend in Canada who inspired me on this post.

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