16 February 2013

❤Power of Love❤

Valentine Day has passed, roses are settled in the vase of water with a touch of vodka, (Great tips it actually works) and the chocolate covered strawberries tucked away in the cooler for that late night snack. Valentine's day whether you like the day or despise it, brings up the one thing we all are looking for in this world, love! Love is that one thing that brings us together or in ways tear us apart. How many friends or family members have we lost because of love, and also gained because of it. Love can be a weapon or bring peace. We all know the world could use just a little bit of love.

Asking around with friends and other bloggers on their opinions and views on what love means to them. We all have our own personal views of what love is. To me love is not just between lovers but between friends and family. It is the solemnly emotion that you care for someone, and show devotion to that person. Love is waking up in the morning and thinking of the people, having a desire to see them and talk to them. To me love is friendship you can't truly know how to love or to show love without experiencing love from friends and family. It the first training in our love journey. Growing up i have been surrounded by love, from friends and family. Even through the the whole coming out period, still felt loved from friends and even family.

While on the love topic a couple of major things happened in the world revolving around love this week. France become another country in the world to accept marriage equality after a long fight from activist. also another Illinois another state in america also accepted marriage equality. showing that the world views of love has changed over the years. love is no longer defined or only for straight couples, but love is for us all gay, straight, bisexual and transgendered. governments and regular people alike have changed and accept the idea,  that you are free to love whomever you want.

Valentines day always brings up the topic of love, you see it everywhere, with movies, music, and blogs. but we need not just one day to share our love, valentines to me is everyday. everyday that i get to spend it with my jannu, habibi, lover and babe, the days where i get to see my little nephew and my besties, that's my valentines. love to me can not be defined by one definition but by so many. love is and will always be the one thing we always search, even when we think we find it. we always search for it in others, searching for the love and acceptance of others. tell me what does love mean to you? are you on the constant search to find love? As always thank you for reading! comment, rate, and share! Love you all.
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