21 February 2013

Jhok Ranjhan

Main bhi jhok ranjhan di janan,
Naal meray koi challey.
Travelers, I too have to go
to the place of my beloved,
Is there anyone who will go with me?

Pairan pawondi, mintan kardi,
Janan tan peya ikalay.
I have begged many to accompany me, And
now I set out alone.
Nain bhi doongi, Tilla purana,
Sheenhan taan patan mallay.
The river is deep and the shaky bridge creaks,
As people step on it,
And the ferry is a known haunt of tigers.

Ratain dard, Deenhan darman si,
Ghao mitran de allhay.
During long nights I have been tortured
by my raw wounds.
Ranjhan yaar, Tabeeb seenda,
Main tan dard awallay.
I have heard in his lonely hut
knows the sure remedy.

Kahay Hussain Faqeer nimanan,
Sayeen seenhorey ghallay.
Humble begger Hussain says:
O God, send me a message
(invitation to come to you)

~Shah Hussain

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