22 October 2015

You Can't Curry Love

Its been a little bit over three years since I have shared this wonderful love story with you all. About a guy who travels to India from London for work and happens to find and fall in love, with a nice handsome guy. As we celebrate National LGBT month in the states, This wonderful movie always needs to be shared. Not only does it show that you don't have to be white with blue eyes to find love, but it also shows the diversity in our community. A lot of times it can seem that we forget that we are a diverse community, full of love and passion. If we only just take a step or "leap of faith" as they always say! I wanted to just share with you all the movie again, as well the original post three years ago. Hope you take some time to watch it  and bring some friends with you, never know what conversations can arise with you watch movies with friends! To check out the original post click here! scroll down to see the movie!! Hope you enjoy, and as always I thank you for reading.  Please rate, like, share, comment, and enjoy!! 

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