25 June 2016

Black & White

 Black and white, a term mostly used in America to define separation of race. Although we are seeing more of the gray area these days! But that is for a different day... Le sigh... As I continue my hussle to and from work, sitting on Metro or Subway for those of you not in the DC Metro Area. I have plenty of time to search, think, and ponder; there maybe some reading and people watching also included! If only that was an Olympic Sport, would so have a gold medal! Anyway, I wanted to share some of my latest find...cause we all know sharing is caring! I love black and white photos, think it captures a different type of beauty that color doesn't always show. It shows emotions that you didn't know we're there. And everyone looks good in black and white. (Try it for your next selfie.) So I bring to you some photos I found on Tumblr, hopefully it will brighten your day! And maybe get you to post some black and white selfies in the comments below! As always please share, rate, like, and most importantly enjoy! I love hearing from you all comment below or send me an email! 











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