27 August 2015

Kaio Juliani

After searching the internet for a bit trying to find more information in this lovely model, and coming up slightly empty handed. I decided just to post him and see if anyone of you could fill in the blanks, good old teamwork. Without more rambling, lets meet Kaio Juliani 19 year old model, Winner of Mr. Brazil . With his soft eyes, beautiful skin, nice toned body and a killer smile. What more could we ask for. If you know many any more about Kaio Juliani comment below. And as always rate comment, like, sharer and as always enjoy!!

05 August 2015

Stepan Pereverzev

What is one thing we all wish we had... and no a sugar daddy is not it. How about an amazingly handsome and hunky Russian Personal Trainer. Meet Stepan Pereverzev, with his amazing abs, killer arms, strong legs, and easy on the eyes looks. Stepan has been very popular on Instagram, and Tumblr, so I had to bring him to you!! You know bloggers responsibilities' :) Let me know what you think of Mr. Stepan Pereverzev and others on here. Also check out his Instagram and follow us on Bloglovin! As always rate, comment, like, and enjoy!

Amir Khan

2016 is said to be his year, talented and handsome boxer Amir Khan has been making some buzz recently. Although I don't care much for boxing, more a football or Soccer for americans, and like most gays diving is one of my favorite sports. So need to invest in a speedo. In honor of all the news about Amir comeback, he has made a comeback on the blog. So tell me what you think of Amir Khan, and others on here. And as always rate, like, comment and enjoy! Alos Follow us on BloglovinFollow!!

Upen Reddy

Little is blogged our Wednesday Hottie. South Indian model and actor Upen Reddy. Harold from the runway and many snaps from famous photographers, Upen has become an heartthrob with a killer smile. (My ultimate weakness). You can watch him in Paisa (Telugu movie) and Love States (Tamil Movie) among others. Let me know what you think of Upen Reddy. And if you want to add anyone to the blog, drop me a line. Happy Hump Day!! 

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