04 September 2015

Himanshu Sharawat

Friday is finally here, the final day of the work week for some and others just a normal day. While happy hour is almost here for some, me included. A nice cold mojito would do wonders in this blazing heat wave at the moment. While I wait for the that, wanted to share with you a model I happened to stumbled on, while looking for something else, always hows it goes. Meet Himanshu Sharawat Indian model who happens to now model mostly in China. He's friendly and  down to earth and happens to have more than a six pack. He's very athletic and artistic, my favorite part. Just an all around nice guy, and who does not want that as a friend. Tell me what you think of Himanshu Sharawat. And as always, rate, comment, like, share, and most of all enjoy! Like us on Bloglovin, and Have a fabulous weekend! pool and mojito time for me!!

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