06 July 2014

Assad Lawrence Hadi Shalhoub

Smoldering fitness guru Canadian Born, one hundred precent Lebanese actor and model Assad Lawrence Hadi Shalhoub. Standing at 6'1 his dreamy eyes and beefy body makes heads turn and mouths water. Granted Shalhoub has played sports for most of his life. Currently his is a student at University of Central Florida in  Orlando, studying Biology and psychology and ultimately wants to become a plastic surgeon. He also has many aspiration in life not only being a fitness guru and model. But also wants to write a couple of books. Shalhub loves to write poetry and short stories. Also likes music and wants to pursue something in the music industry like DJ-ing or producing. Assab is also known for his tattoo on his hip which translates "Dear Lord/ Oh God" from the Arabic "Yarab" and incorporates the nike sign for his love of sports! Tell me what you think Of Assad Shalhoub. And as always rate, like, comment, share, and like always enjoy!! 

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