28 September 2013

Ayman Moussa

In the states we have the Miss America pageant, where woman parade around to be judged to see who is the most beautiful of them all. As well as show off their hidden talents, which can range to anything really from dancing to singing, or playing some obscure instrument that no one has heard of. However, we are not hear to talk about Miss America, were here to talk about the new winner of Mr. Lebanon Ayman Moussa. Moussa was just crowned recently as Lebanon's hottest man in the country, even with the fierce competition and abundance of eye candy. Even the hunky  Runner up Eli Abu Musleh is no match to Moussa dashing good looks.
Tell me what you think of Ayman Moussa, does he deserve the crowned title of hottest man in Lebanon, Leave a comment bellow! And as always, rate, comment, share, like, and most of all enjoy!

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