08 September 2013

Accept Me for Who I Am!

There is one world that most gays, lesbians, transgendered, bisexual and inter-sex people have in common... ACCEPTANCE! Its one of those things that we all strive for since we were little. Many us grew up the awkward kid, with the weird thoughts or at the time we thought was weird about people of the same sex, or both sex. While others didn't feel comfortable in their own body. We go about our journey searching for people like us, and even then we may not necessarily feel like we belong. 

For me growing up was different, I started to think I was different right before I went into the dreaded middle school. I didn't know what to call it, but I just knew I was different. I didn't come out till I was in high school after some years of bullying what we called 
teasing back then, and after a few dark years. I came out to a few friends and eventually my parents, but thats a whole different story. Even after coming out, and trying to find my place in the gay world was difficult. I'm to exotic to identify as a white gay male, and not black enough to identify as a black gay male. Lost in the spectrum I spent times trying to identify myself with either two groups, but still felt out of place, like I didn't belong or couldn't relate. It wasn't until I explored myself and my heritage that lead me to the place I am now. Before I just agreed with what everyone thought I was, a black gay kid. Though I am more than that. I am a mixture of things being South Asian, French, Creole, and a bit of British. Gives me that amazing appearance but very confused in the head. Lol

Even after knowing who I was, I still didn't know where I belonged. It wasn't until I meet my good friend Ravi, and a few others, that gave me sense that there is a place where I belong. A place to feel safe and that I can call home. I did not have to travel to India to get that, it was right in my backyard. After gaining some courage, go figure I can be a bit shy. I contacted KhushDC our local South Asian gay group. I took me a year to really step out of my shell and go to an event, it was pride and I wore a sari of all things. From the moment I met some of the people, I knew I was home. I found a place where I felt accepted, a place where I didn't feel I had to pretend to be something that I am not. I think many us when your in a minority group struggle with this. We have a hard time with identity. If you relay on the media, you would think we didn't exist. 

Tell me where you have found your acceptance at, or if you haven't yet! If you are South Asian, West Indian, and others in the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland area and looking for a place to feel safe, and connect with others, Send me an email, and don't forget to check out KhushDC website, and Facebook page! As always rate, comment, share, like and enjoy. Love you for reading! XOXO
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