23 August 2013

Ajaz Khan

I have seen his face before,  but never knew his name.  His shirtless pictures have appeared on so many other blogs, but no one listed his name.  After some digging on Google and Tumblr I found put who it is.  The mysterious model is Bollywood actor and model Ajaz Khan who has appeared in a few serials and Bollywood films. Khan grew up in Ahmadabad, dreaming of being on the silver screen. Even when he was a taxi driver in London and New York never lost sight of his dream.  He got his first break in Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap there was no turning back.  He is starring as the lead in the upcoming film Lakeer ka Fakeer.  Tell me what you think of hunk-o-licious Ajaz Khan! And as always rate,  comment,  share, like and enjoy.  Also check out our Facebook page!

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