15 May 2013


DhoomBros Showing Support for Imran Khan
 Every once in awhile I find stuff on YouTube that I have to share with you guys. I have been watching the DhoomBros for awhile now and they never seem to disappoint. Not only are they all very cute, but they have killer dance moves and a great message to share. The DhoomBros Hussain Asif, 19 year old, dancer, actor and DJ. Shehryaar Asif 20 year old, dancer, actor, DJ, and an aspiring director. Wasqas Riaz 24 year old, Aspiring director, an awesome DJ, actor, dancer, and cinematographer. Last but not least Atif Khan, a 19 year old dreamer. All of them came together to form the DhoomBros and now know globally for their successful YouTube channel, and the success of Pakistanis first ever web-series called iDeewane. For more information or bookings check out their website here! and check out their YouTube channel here! And as always tell me what you think, and rate, share, comment, and enjoy! Some Videos  are below check them out!

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