09 April 2013


I recently stumbled on photographer Belal Khan,  while looking for some new models and material. So I decided to do the next couple of posts on his amazing work and eye for photography.  And I hope you all enjoy also.  Not only does Belal have an eye for photography but also he is a poet.  So along with his amazing photography will share some of his poems.  Hope you enjoy and as always rate, comment, and share! Also check more from Belal Khan on his Facebook  page! 

"Fame is my obsession, 
Wealth my intoxication, 
Fear my weapon, 
The world is at my feet, 
Destiny is at my fingertips, 
And in my arms???  (ofcourse girls..ha.ha.ha) 
My identity is born to stay hidden, 
I enjoy flirting with death, 
And living life on my terms, 
I'm not stubborn about winning, 
But then again its a habit! 
Come on guys! Take a guess! 
Guess who is it? Who I am? 
I am the KING... I am DON... "

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