03 April 2013

Alex Minsky

There are models out there that not only make you want to join the closet gym but also inspire you in your own life. Meet amazingly handsome fitness model, and Marine Corps Veteran from Los Angeles, California Alex Minsky. Alex joined the Marines when he was 18, and was honorably discharged in October 2010 after losing apart of his right leg in Afghanistan from a homemade explosive. after which he woke up from a coma with a lot of adjustments to make. 
One was adjusting to civilian life, he says, "drinking too precedence in my life. two days before i turned twenty-one i started drinking and loved it, i never really slowed down. it processed to 27/7. i did not care what time it was or who i was seeing," Now Alex has been sober for over six months, and looking amazing as ever. 
Sorry boys, but he is straight and single but considers himself "mo-friendly" and even though he is on every gay mans little heart and their blogs, says he doesn't mind at all. He enjoys the attention. Tell me what you thing of handsome Alex Minsky with his beautiful tattoos and amazing store. And as always enjoy, rate, comment, and share! And Happy Hump Day!!

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