27 March 2013

Change Will Come!

Yesterday and Today American LGBTI (lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgendered, and intersex) activist and supporters from all over the country came to Washington DC,  to have their voices heard.  If you haven't heard the Supreme Court is hearing two cases which hold the fate of same sex marriage.  One of which is Prop. 8 which was proven unconstitutional and DOMA, the Defense of marriage act.  Which is a federal act used to define marriage. Both are important and crucial to the growing gay rights movement, which is more about Human Rights than sexual orientation.  A little back story for both of these cases. 

Proposition 8, is a law which bans same sex marriage in California and states that only a marriage between a man and woman is valid or recognized in California. After  tireless protesting and efforts a California judge ruled that prop 8, is unconstitutional and is now before the supreme court. DOMA, which became effective in 1996, is the act which restricts federal benefits and inter-state recognition for same sex marriages.  Under the law no U.S. state is required to recognize a same sex marriage from another state.  It also forbids same sex marriage for all federal purposes,  including benefits, immigration,  and from filing joint tax returns. Major things that straight couples have enjoyed for years.  How many of us have fallen in love with someone only to find out that even if you marry them they can still be deported.  This law sometimes forces gay men and women to marry their "beard"  in order to stay in the country. 

Two groundbreaking laws that is in a way our version of Roe vs Wade, the Supreme Court again has to rule on our Human Rights.  However, it does show that America and the world is changing.  Being gay, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered doesn't make us any different than anyone else.  I believe the world is starting to take notice,  finally.  Tell me how does Prop 8 and DOMA affect you, and where do you feel the future will be! Enjoy some pics from Washington DC,  and as always rate,  comment and share!  Thanks for reading! 

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