24 February 2013

The Amazing Abu Nuwas

Feel honored and proud to introduce Abu Nuwas, known as the first Persian poet. Born around 756, and is considered one of the greatest writers of classical Arabic literature. Nuwas handsome looks and flowing hair attracted the poet Waliba Ibn Al-Hubab ans the two became lovers. Nuwas mainly wrote erotic love poems (mudhakkarat and mujuniyyat) about beautiful men. Here is just a few of his poems, they are simple yet beautiful. 

Love in Bloom
I die of love for him, perfect in every wayLost in the strains of wafting music. My eyes are fixed upon his delightful body, And i do not wonder at his beauty. His waist is a sapling, and his face a moon, And loveliness rolls of his rosy cheekI die of love for you, but but keep this secret:The time that binds us is an unbreakable rope. How much time did your creations take, o angel? So what! All i want is to sing your praises. (Love in Bloom;after Monteil, p. 95)

O Desire
Are not this child's eyes all fire? O desire, Feel the flush of the eggsBetween his legs! Dearest, and seize what you can seize, If you please;Fill your boyish fist with meAnd then seeWill it go a little way, Just in play? 

In the Bath-House
In the bath-house, the mysteries hidden by trousers are revealed to you. All becomes radiantly manifest, Feast your eyes without restraint! You see handsome buttocks, shapely trip torsos, You hear the guys whispering pious formulas to another("God is Great!" "Praise be to God!") Ah, what a palace of pleasure is the bath-house! Even when the towel-bearersCome in and spoil the fun and bit. 
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