25 February 2013

Let's Talk Fashion!

Last night marked the 85th annual Academy Awards or better know as the Oscars. Love it or hate it, it is one of fashions hottest nights. With beautiful gowns, flawless makeup, and of course the jewels and women dripping in diamonds. This year's Oscars was different from most, had more energy and didn't actually put me to sleep. The host Seth McFarland known for his witty and at times cruel humor made the night enjoyable. I loved the fact that music played a big part in the night. Most Oscars it's about the speeches and after about an hour and a half of talking Then music comes in. But we're not here to talk about the music or how fabulous Barbara Streisand was, and how amazing Adele was. No were talking Fashion, so sit back in enjoy.. And tell you what you think who was the best and worst dressed of the night. As always enjoy, rate, and comments, and share. 

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