09 February 2013

Hyderabad Queer Pride

Wanted to share some love and pics from Hyderabad first gay pride. It's always exciting to see another countries way of celebrating and spreading awareness about gay culture and the growing gay community. To me no matter where you are in the world, we all share a common bond being gay, we all struggle with ourselves and then others for acceptance. Maybe one day we won't be referred to as the "gay" friend or family member. But as just ourselves not driven by who we love. Wanted to share some pictures I found online, as well as some quotes. As always comment and share!

"Worldwide, gay community is being recognized but here, discrimination still exists. The younger generation however, are a lot more accommodating and understanding. Such rallies give us a platform to make public awareness of our needs." - Aarif Shaikh

"Such rallies are important for our community members, because it provides us an opportunity to raise big issues impacting LGBT community. There is a need for the society to seriously consider same sex marriage in India. This will definitely help stop discrimination of LGBT members." - Andy Silveira

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