12 February 2013

Crossing Ponds

United Kingdom made history again, just this past week Britain's House of Commons, passed a group breaking law. Allowing same sex couples to marry legally. Before this ruling Britain only had domestic partnership and some equal rights. now another nation has shown that marriage equality can exist in a traditional conscious society, something America can take note from. Britain has also shown that marriage equality is compatible with a nation that has conservative views. His newly bill permits same sex marriage in England and Wales; parliaments in Scotland and northern Ireland most likely will consider the question separately. With another country accepting marriage Equality where does that leave America and it's public struggle for equality?

United Kingdom and United States share a mother daughter type of relationship we tend to eventually follow suit especially with television shows and movies. Sometimes even in the political realm, (when was the last time we disagreed politically probably the American Revolution.) However with marriage equality it seems to be a little different. America which is made up of 50 "sovereign" and extremely diverse states have laws defining marriage created at a state level. Although the Defensive of Marriage Act (DOMA) as many of us know as; is before the Supreme Court. DOMA is the act that prohibits the federal government from recognizing same sex marriage even when it is authorized by state law.

While Britain tends to be a more secular society. The church of England and the roman Catholic Church both strongly object same sex marriage. Lawmakers won their vote and support by making it clear that churches wouldn't be required to perform religious ceremonies for same sex couples. And in the case of the church of England by law the bill forbids the church to perform same sex ceremonies. While in America religious opposition is more prominent and not just on the state level. An example is U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops strongly oppose the repeal of DOMA, arguing the law "takes into account the distinguishing properties of unity and procreation that marks the relationship of husband and wife." 

Oppositions is not as formidable as it once was. Given states like my very own Maryland, Maine, and Washington state authorizing same sex marriage on the recent elections. Which was the first time in history. And with United Kingdom joining other countries like Spain, Norway, and South Africa on marriage equality; regardless of their personal and collective religious beliefs. Younger Americans, Britons, Indians, Afrikaans, and many more are more supportive of marriage equality then previous generations. It's a sign that views on equality are changing, and Gays around the world will one day all have right and support to marry whomever they choose. Give me your input wherever you are in the world, do you support marriage equality? And do you think with United Kingdom accepting marriage equality that more countries will follow. As always thank you reading, rate, comment, and share. 
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