14 February 2013

Banned Love

Valentine's Day brings out all the lovers around the world, and even those that just believe in love delight in the day. However there are those that don't believe in such a holiday, or believe it's not part of their culture. Conservatives in Pakistan took to the streets today with posters urging people to boycott Valentine Day. Saying it is not a Pakistani or Islamic holiday but a Western inspired event speaking vulgarity in their country. Also stating it is immoral and anti-Islamic. Valentine's day like New Years to conservatives is part of western culture and those who celebrate such events are infidels and should be punished.

While pubic expressions of love and affection are taboo if not illegal; and men and woman mingling in public is frowned upon. Conservatives express Valentine's day encourages illicit behaviors between the countries young, unmarried, males and females. Stating it shows a sign that Western culture and values are eating away at the fabric of Pakistan traditional Islamic society. On February 14, religious groups hold rallies in the big cities opposing the holiday.! Banners and flyer's line the streets stressing condemnation of the day. Clerics in mosques delivery sermons against the "sinful" day. Spreading the word the undeclared ban to hold public celebrations on Valentine's day. " Islam prohibit such activities," says Abdul Waseem Burney, a religious preacher in Karachi, "looking at the way people celebrate Valentine's Day in Pakistan, I feel as if it is part of our culture and our tradition. But certainly not our thing." 

Romantics in Pakistan have fought back with an arsenal of flowers, pink teddy bears and heart shaped balloons. "Here in this part of Pakistan we are faced with bomb blasts, and we don't have much opportunity to enjoy and celebrate, so to me it is one of those few occasions to celebrate," expresses Taimur Hassan one romantic trying to find a gift for his girlfriend. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed a romantic and a cleric says "in Islam, there is a concept of respecting and loving a mother, sister, wife and daughter for 365 days a year." In another words what is wrong with another day expressing your love and respect for a loved one. 
Pakistan is not the only country to ban Valentine's day Indonesia the world's most populous Muslim country govern officials and clerics in Jakarta called for young people to skip Valentine's day, saying it's an excuse for couples to have “forbidden" sex. Other Muslim countries like UAE have no ban or problems with Valentine's day. Tell me what you think does countries like Pakistan have the right to ban Valentine's day? 

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Source: 2012 Associated Press

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