15 October 2012

Vivan los Gays Mexicanos

For the past few years Mexico has been in the headlines of gay rights with the passing of Gay marriage in Mexico City and Civil Unions in other states. Allowing gay couples to adopt in Mexico city and Coahuila. However nationwide only single a gay person can adopt. While same sex relations are legal since 1871 and discrimination protection for sexual orientation since 2003. Even though many groundbreaking laws have been passed violence against gays have been high over the recent years.

Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1871 with the adoption of the Neapolitan code. Since then many laws have been put into place to protect gays and offer them with equal rights. Although the laws are in effect it does not change public opinions on gays. In 2005 48 percent of the Mexican population interviewed indicated they would not permit a gay person to live in there home. While 95 percent of gays in Mexico have stated that they are discriminated against. Murder of gays and lesbians have been on the rise in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Despite the governments growing tolerance campaigns and laws legalizing same sex marriage in the capitol. 76.4 percent of gays have been subjected to physical violence because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and 53.3 percent have been assaulted in public spaces. Transgender persons have been subjected to mass detentions, extortion, and physical abuse at the hands of police and military officials. Gays have also face widespread employment discrimination both in the public and private sector.  Four out of ten gays declared they were a victim of exclusionary acts, more than half have felt rejected and six out of then felt that were the worst enemy of society.  Mexico city is one of leading gay tolerance areas however it hosts one most homophobia motivated killings with around 30 murders a year between 1995- 2000 and nearly doubled between 2001 and present. Many of the homophobic murders go unnoticed and unsolved, for there are no laws protect or sanctions against hate crimes; and many feel like the police doesn't care.

With all the new laws becoming in effect some minds are beginning to change, and the recent popularity of gay tourism has drawn national attention to the presence of homosexuals in Mexico. Young urban heterosexuals attend gay dance clubs and have openly gay friends. Change continues to happen slowly in the hinterlands, however even in larger cities change may come with backlash. The influence of foreign and domestic cultures has grown throughout Mexico. Attitudes are beginning to change in larger metropolitan areas where education and access to foreigners and foreign media. Tolerance of sexual diversity in indigenous cultures is widely seen. Currently public display of affection and cross dressing is still taboo.  However there is a thriving LGBT community in Mexico larger cities and resorts. Places like Zona Rosa, (Pink Zone) is the gay capital of Mexico hosting fifty plus gay bars and discotheques. Guadalajara is he second gay city and following Tijuana, Monterrey, Puebla, León, and Port City Veracruz. In these area are safer and more tolerant but like any city not all minds think alike.

Mexico has a new thriving gay community with freedoms to marry or civil union. Although hatred and homophobia runs rapid throughout. The access so social media and the internet had brought some tolerance to many. And new educational programs to encourage tolerance for gays and other sexual minorities is on the rise. Change like many Latin American countries is on the rise with the growing tolerance of sexual minorities. If you live in Mexico or any Latin American Country comment below how is life for you in your city? You do not have to be in Latin Americas to comment also. I truly feel we all share a commonality no matter where we live in this world. We all share similar experience or knows someone that has. Thanks for reading!!

Source: LGBT rights in Mexico Wikipedia
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