09 July 2012

Hottie Elliot Knight and Sinbad TV series

When I think of Sinbad its always some random actor who is no where near Persian or Middle Eastern. In heavy make up and nice eye liner. Finally someone caught on and made a "Sinbad" where Sinbad actually looks of middle eastern descent. This new series on SkyTV called simply "Sinbad" stars Newcomer Elliot Knight as the legendary sailor, and Lost star Naveen Andrews as Sinbad's arch-nemesis, Lord Akbari. So far I have watched the first episode and I would recommend it. Has the random twists and turns. But you start to fall in love with Sinbad. Although it airs in UK and sadly I don't live there. As there are no words as to if its coming to the US. But I hope it is. But there are always ways to find shows to watch.
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