17 May 2012

You Cant Curry Love - Indian Love Story

We all remember that moment when we see a movie that changes our life and prospective of love. I have been Searching for a good gay themes movie that I can actually relate to. Either there to glittery or on the verge of being a good old fashioned pornography. Being of some south Asian decent I have been keeping my eye open for a real gay film; without the Dostana glamour. Don't get me wrong I do love to see John Abraham in his little trunks. I recently came across "You Can't Curry Love" by Reid Waterer. A wonderful love story between two gorgeous guy Vikus a business tycoon played Ashwin and Sunil a hotel concierge Rakshak Sahni.  And no gay movie is complete without the caddy outspoken best friend (Upasana Beharee) and the hunky "straight" boss (Russel Reynolds). Thorough the love affair between Sunil and Vikus we get a chance to to see a side of India that unknown to us Westerners. And gives us a glimpse of gay life in India. I don't want to give a lot away but the characters are charming.. even the outspoken best friend. who at times you want to slap. And the sexual tension between Vikus and his boss is thick and amusing. But the most important relationship is between Sunil and Vikus. 
There travels through India only brings them closer together, but like most love stories there is an adversarial the always breaks them apart.  But something always brings them back together. I would say watch this short film. It is amazing and tell me what you think. Its a great love story that brings up a good conversation, and it has a little big of bollywood at the end. "You Cant Curry Love" by Reid Waterer Starring:  Ashwin Gore, Rakshak Sahni, Russell Reynolds, Upasana Beharee, Rajan Velu, William Vega watch it here!
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